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'Family Camp'
Annual camp at Abington

A sketch of Family Camp by ex-28th Scout Ed Oliver (hover over for photo)

Every year we try to organise a Family Camp, usually some time in May. The whole family of any cub, beaver, scout or propsective member of our group, is invited to join us for a weekend camp at Abington, just outside Cambridge on the road to Linton. Mums and Dads can see some of what their cubs, scouts or beavers might get up to at camp; younger brothers and sisters can see what they might join in with in a few years time.

The whole family is invited to join us at camp

You can join in with the fun or bring a book or the papers and enjoy some quiet time whilst the children are enjoying themselves with some of the leaders' activities.

Cooking baked potatoes in the embers of a fire you made yourself

We fired water propelled rockets one year