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Sat 02-Dec-17Scouts District Night Hike
Tue 05-Dec-17Hanukkah
Tue 05-Dec-17Skills Challenge Award - session two
Sun 10-Dec-17Cubs District Christmas Party
Tue 12-Dec-17Christmas Show Prep
Tue 12-Dec-17Christmas Skit Rehearsal
Tue 12-Dec-17Christmas Preparations
Sat 16-Dec-17District Beaver Christmas Party
4-6.60pm Milton Community Centre
Tue 19-Dec-17Group End of Term Christmas Show
Tue 02-Jan-18Christmas holidays - no meeting
Tue 09-Jan-18First meeting of 2018
Fri 12-Jan-18 -
Sun 14-Jan-18
Gilwell Winter Camp
Gilwell Park
Sat 27-Jan-181:45 Swimming Badges, Leys School pool
Sun 04-Feb-181pm Chess Competition
Tue 13-Feb-18Half term - no meeting
Tue 03-Feb-18Easter holidays - no meeting
Tue 19-Feb-18Easter holidays - no meeting
Sun 18-Mar-182pm District Cub Quiz, 11/9th HQ
Sun 21-Apr-18St George's Day
Abington TBC
Fri 04-May-18 -
Sun 06-May-18
Family Camp
Abington TBC
Fri 11-May-18 -
Sun 13-May-18
Archery Camp
Phasels Wood
Tue 29-May-18Half term - no meeting
Fri 29-Jun-18 -
Sun 01-Jul-18
All Sections District Camp
Fri 02-Nov-1828th Cambridge is 90 years old!
Sat 27-Jul-19 -
Sat 03-Aug-19
CamJam 2019
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