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Every autumn we join the Beaver Scouts from across the Cambridge City District for CAMBAD.

One of the first years we went we chose "Pirates" as our theme.

A few highlights

We began by taking part in 6 activities

Walking the Plank

We were rewarded for walking the plank (obstacle course) by receiving a tattoo.


Who stole Brown Beard's gold?

Backwoods Cooking

Toasting marshmallows and bread over a campfire. (after a safety talk from "Bear")

Digging for Gold

Digging on Treasure Island.


Creating a "Pirate" themed Collage

Treasure Hunt

Orienteering around the campsite to find the Treasure Chest which was filled with chocolate coins!

Pirate Grub!

We then had our Pirate Grub: sausage, mash and beans and swiss roll and custard.

Games and Campfire

This was followed by a wide game, all the Beavers played a game of "Pirate" style cops and robbers.

After our picnic tea we had a brilliant campfire with lots of songs, including "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and a Beaver version of "Singing in the Rain"!