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Our Dates and Events
Show: All Scouts Cubs Beavers
Tue 06-Jan-09First meeting of the year
Fri 09-Jan-09 -
Sun 11-Jan-09
Gilwell Winter Camp
Sat 24-Jan-09Cubs swimming badge at The Leys 2.50
Tue 27-Jan-09Beavers: Maple's trip to Switzerland
Tue 03-Feb-09Beavers: Safety Badge
Tue 10-Feb-09Beavers: Sign Language & Braille
Tue 17-Feb-09No meeting - half term
Tue 24-Feb-09Pancakes!
Sat 28-Feb-09Sixer and seconder day at Abington 3.00
Tue 03-Mar-09Beavers: International Greetings
Tue 10-Mar-09Beavers: Fair Trade
Sat 14-Mar-09Cubs Swimming Gala at Parkside Pools
Tue 17-Mar-09Beavers: Making Music
Sun 22-Mar-09Mothers Day parade, St John's church
Tue 24-Mar-09Beavers: Puppet Show
Tue 31-Mar-09Beavers: Easter Egg Hunt
Tue 07-Apr-09No meeting - holidays
Tue 14-Apr-09No meeting - holidays
Sun 26-Apr-09St George's day parade and Sports day
Fri 01-May-09 -
Sun 03-May-09
Family camp at Abington
Sat 16-May-09 -
Sun 17-May-09
Scout Cycle Ride Weekend
Tue 26-May-09No meeting - holidays
Tue 02-Jun-09Beavers: Healthy Food Tasting
Fri 05-Jun-09 -
Sun 07-Jun-09
Cubs district camp
Fri 05-Jun-09 -
Sun 07-Jun-09
Scouts PL/APL training
Sun 07-Jun-09County Beaveree at Cottenham Village College
Sun 07-Jun-0910am Raft Building, Grantchester
Tue 09-Jun-09Beavers: Sailing Ships
(please bring 2 empty bottles)
Tue 09-Jun-09Swift+Wolf: Climbing at The Leys
Kingfisher+Stag: Scout Hut
Sat 13-Jun-09White Water Canoeing, Cardington
Tue 16-Jun-09Beavers: Olympic Games
Tue 16-Jun-09Swift+Wolf: Scout Hut
Kingfisher+Stag: Climbing at The Leys
Sat 20-Jun-0928th Cambridge Summer Fun Day
Tue 23-Jun-09Beavers: Pack a Rucksack
Fri 26-Jun-09 -
Sun 28-Jun-09
Potential APL training
Sun 28-Jun-09Navigation Challenge Hike
Tue 30-Jun-09District Night Hike
Tue 30-Jun-09Scouts offsite: Abington
Tue 07-Jul-09Beavers: Put up a tent
Tue 07-Jul-09Scouts offsite
Fri 10-Jul-09 -
Sun 12-Jul-09
Sky High
Sat 11-Jul-09Discover Scuba course
Tue 14-Jul-09Group event
Tue 21-Jul-09No meetings until September
Sun 19-Jul-09 -
Thu 23-Jul-09
Summer cub camp
Sat 01-Aug-09 -
Sun 08-Aug-09
Summer scout camp
Sat 03-Oct-09 -
Sun 04-Oct-09
Older Cubs Challenge Day (9 and over)
Sat 07-Nov-09Night Hike
Sun 08-Nov-09Remembrance Day
Sat 24-Nov-09Scouts Offsite meeting: Firestation
Sat 28-Nov-09Cubs Chess Tournament
Tue 01-Dec-09Scouts Meet at the hut
Sat 05-Dec-09Day Hike
Sat 05-Dec-09 -
Sun 06-Dec-09
Expedition Weekend
Tue 08-Dec-09Scouts Offsite Meeting
Tue 15-Dec-09Group Christmas Show
Tue 05-Jan-10Scouts Meeting for newcomers, SPL, PL, APL and Gillwell attendees ONLY
Fri 08-Jan-10 -
Sun 10-Jan-10
Gillwell Winter Camp
Tue 12-Jan-10First meeting after Christmas

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