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Whilst there's a huge amount of adventure and a fair bit of personal challenge in scouting, a large part of what it is to be a scout is having fun!

First off, here is a game that you can download onto your PC which has been cunningly configured to include 28th Cambridge scouting icons such as Ed, Geoff, the hut etc and each of the patrols. The story is that rumours of Ed's demise have been overstated and Ed the und'Ed has returned to Cambridge, taking up residence in the Stores from where vast hordes of unspeakable beings issue forth. The other leaders, troubled by this, had sent the Y.L.s down to the Stores in an attempt to evict Ed, but they were all corrupted by him. The leaders have decided that a crack team of scouts should be sent to investigate. None have returned. Geoff has chosen you as the last hope of the troop. Venture down to the 27th floor of the Stores, and defeat Ed :

Left 4 Ed
(987KB install file)

(114Kb Word doc)

Check out this 'point-and-click' prologue (ie introduction) to the forthcoming 'Ed: A Space Odyssey' game, which has more sophisticated graphics and game-play (and is a little larger to download), from the same author of Left 4 Ed:

(3.8Mb zipped self extracting exe)

Here's a game where you have to pitch a tent in a space next to each tree (never under a tree), with the number of tents given at the end of each row and column. First choose the size of site (12x12 is good, but 8x8 is easier) and click the relevant button to show your campsite. Click once on a square to change to a tent, again to grass, again to a star [hint: good places are marked with stars] and then back to a tent. If it goes pink, you've made an error - just as on camp, you can't have two tents side by side:

The next game is from the TV cartoon Beaned, where you have to play that old cubs favourite dodgeball against some nasty pink aliens. The music is pretty annoying, but once you start it up you can click the speaker in the corner to stop :

Click to play Dodgeball

The following game is dear to many a member of the worldside family of scouting. The idea is you must drag a burning piece of string round to set fire to the various stacks of firewood around the campsite. Take care as the grass burns quite quickly, and water will put out your string so you may need to relight it:

Click to play On-Fire