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Clothing & Equipment:
Loans & Donations

The 28th Cambridge Scout Group holds and seeks a range of boots, waterproofs, gloves, hats and rucksacks for loan at Scout Camps and activities.

We seek further clean equipment to extend the range of gear.


All equipment should be fit for purpose and we will discard any that is or becomes, in our judgement, inadequate to the task.

Please bring clean and if appropriate polished equipment to leaders. Do ask if you have other equipment that may be of use. Family tents are unlikely to be accepted. We seek:

Some dated equipment may be of use; do please offer this for our consideration.

Some pieces of clothing will be reused from the lost property after it remains unclaimed for a considerable period of time. (The lost property box is kept in a publically accessible area and should always be checked for lost gear.)

We will also accept and use or recycle any penknives or fixed blade knives, axes or similar equipment that you no longer wish to keep at home. These may not be legal 'everyday carry' and should be transported to the Scout Centre by an adult in the boot of a car or securely packed so as not to be readily accessible. Please ask before you bring edged tools. Never send a Beaver, Cub, Scout or Young Leader with such equipment.


There is no cost for loaned equipment.

We know adventure equipment is expensive and it is not always clear how much use or what is best for your child.

Why not borrow our equipment to see if it 'does' for your child?

Boots will need careful consideration. As leaders we may be able to offer advice but we are not trained in fitting boots. Good thick sock choice will be important.

Equipment should ideally be donated, and always returned, clean but it is the responsibility of the user to check the state of the equipment borrowed. Do test the equipment before use at camp; some flaws will only show when worn or used.

We ask that all equipment loaned is returned after the camp cleaned and boots are washed off and then polished with suitable wax. It cannot be left at the Scout Centre directly after a camp.

Thank you to all those who have passed on equipment

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  • Equipment should be returned clean.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to check the state of the equipment borrowed.