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Toilet Twinning

The toilets in the 28th Cambridge Cub Hut on Flamsteed Road in Cambridge have been twinned with other toilets acorss the world.

Toilet twinning is a charity that helps fund basic sanitation that we in the developed world take for granted, a toilet, by twinning a toilet here with one in another country in return for some funding to help provide people in the poorest nations to have clean water and a proper toilet, and to learn about hygiene.

One toilet is twinned with a toilet in Yaftal Sufla near Fayzabad in Northeastern Afghanistan, near the border with Tajikistan

The other is twinned with a toilet in Boukoko near Mbaiki in the Bangui District of the Central African Republic, in the middle of Africa, just East of where the main bump of Africa comes out.