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Financial Support Policy

'Cost should not be a barrier to anyone taking part
in Scouting and if this might be an issue you can
speak to the local section leaders in confidence'

The Scout Association


The 28th Cambridge Scout Group aims to be fully inclusive and believes that this includes enabling young people of all financial backgrounds to have the opportunity to participate in group events.
We offer activities which are reasonable in cost and affordable for the vast majority. For families that cannot afford the full cost of an activity we have access to support funds.
We recognize this can be a difficult subject to discuss. The parents/ carers of members in this situation are encouraged to speak to the section leader in confidence so that the Group may consider giving financial support.

We may help to fund

The Process

Parents/carers who that feel their financial circumstances prevent their son or daughter participating in Scouting should discuss the situation with the Section Leader.

A confidential application form should be completed (below). When completing a form please be clear in what you require; please state what the total costs are, how much you are able to contribute yourself, how much you are asking for and whether you hope to be able to contribute more later.

The Section Leader will refer the matter to the Group Scout Leader (GSL) who will discuss a payment plan with the Group Treasurer and Executive Chairperson. It is the GSL, Group Treasurer and Executive Chairperson who will make the final decision as to the level of financial support provided. All discussions are strictly confidential.

Each application will be taken on its own merits. Funds are limited and requests may be turned down. All applications are considered equally and on their own merit. Conditions may be imposed on any funds granted. Key Group events will be given priority. These include Family Camp and Summer Camp.

The form is confidential and will be kept securely by the treasurer. Within one month of the outcome of the application, names will be removed from the form which will be retained for auditing and comparison of requests.

Criteria for Support

Need for support may be because of:

  • Young people in care
  • Young people acting as carers for dependent adults
  • Low family disposable income (both Young People and Adult Leaders)
  • Change of family circumstance since it committed to an expenditure
  • Significant health issues adding to cost of participation

    Change of circumstances might include:

  • Unemployment / significant business change
  • Family bereavement
  • Family breakdown
  • Significant illness in family

    Significant health issues are likely to involve:

  • Need for carer support
  • Need to adapt resources



    Strictly Confidential

    Please complete this form as fully as possible for each request
    Child's Name 
    Section (please circle)ScoutCubBeaver
    Item(s) to be subsidised
    (e.g. camp/ event/
    uniform/ subs / other)
    Date of Event
    (if Applicable)
    Total Cost of Item 
    Total you are able to
    contribute immediately
    Total you may be able to
    contribute in the future
    Parent / Guardian Name 
    Benefits received

    please tick
    Free school meals 
    Income Support 
    Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance 
    Income-related Employment and Support Allowance  
    Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 
    Child Tax Credit  
    Working Tax Credit  
    Universal Credit 
    Housing Benefit 
    Guarantee element of State Pension Credit 
    please state:

    Please give any further
    information about your
    circumstances that are
    relevant to this
    application referring to
    the criteria for support

    Information that may
    help us to make
    'best judgment' of
    financial hardship may
    include the number of
    dependents in the
    applicants family, the
    total joint income of
    all family members and
    any benefits that are
    received by any
    members of the family.

    Signature of Applicant
    Contact Phone Number  
    If you would like to discuss this form or require support to fill it out please contact a Group Scout Leader


    for scout group use only

    Decision made
      Decision Date:
    Reviewing Officer
      Review Date:

    Shep, Akela, Hazel