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Our neckerchief is green and black

Summer Camp

Each year we go on a summer camp. It is the highlight of the cub year for many. Summer camp takes place over multiple nights and is under canvas. Lots of activities are arranged during the camp, such as climbing or kayaking, raft building or archery. There is a map of previous camp sites on Google Drive here.

Being away for three or four nights is a big step for many of our cubs, sharing a tent with four or five other cubs. Meals are prepared by our volunteer cooks; lots of it and care is taken to make sure no-one goes hungry as there is plenty of fun to be had burning off energy with all of the activities.

The leaders will usually prepare a kit list for longer camps or more involved or unusual activities, but we have a standard kitlist that forms the backbone of most camps. Some advice on equipment choices are also available on this website.

Many of the activities we are able to do on camp just aren't possible at, or from, the hut, such as climbing, kayaking or caving. Some of the activities that we can do at the hut, such as firelighting, come into a whole new world of their own when they are done far away from the trappings of civilisation.

In 2018 we went to Paccar Activity Centre near Chalfont St Peter where we got Lost In The Jungle™

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2018 Lost in the Jungle

In 2017 we went to Belchamps Activity Centre near Southend which was themed on the beach because of the nearby beaches and pier

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2017 at Belchamps

In 2016 we went to Skreens Park Activity Centre near Chelmsford which was themed on the Olympics because it coincided with the games in Rio

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2016 at Skreens Park

In 2015 we went to Leslie Sell Campsite in Bromham near Bedford which waw themed on the Vikings after the success of the Roman camp the year before

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2015 at Bromham

In 2014 we went to Thorrington Campsite near Colchester which waw themed on the Romans, complete with shields, swords and chariots

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2014 at Thorrington

In 2013 we went to Boyd Campsite in Henlow in the last week in July where we were themed on the Dambusters as it was the 70th anniversary of their raid, together with lots of adventure and water activities

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2013 at Boyd

In 2012 we went to Paccar Camp at Chalfont Heights just outside the M25 where we camped with the scouts under some fabulously big oaks.

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2012 at Paccar

In 2011 we went to Lees Wood just inside the M25 where our theme was Feathers and Flight, and we made paper aeroplanes and let fly arrows in archery

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2010 at Lees Wood

In 2010 we went to Skreens Park in Essex where our theme was American Indians, and we all had feathers in our headresses, even Akela

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2010 at Skreens Park

In 2009 we went to Two Mile Bottom near Thetford where we joined with the 1st Bottisham pack and went kayaking and crate stacking

Camp sign for Summer Camp 2009 at Two Mile Bottom

In 2008 we went to Phasels Wood where we raced toboggans down the fantastic hillside race course and visited Whipsnade's wolf cubs.

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2008 at Phasels Wood

In 2007 we went to Eaton Vale near Norwich where our theme was Ancient Britons, and we painted ourselves up with woad and made some chariots

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2007 at Eaton Vale

In 2006 we went to Thriftwood near Chelmsford where our theme was air activities and we had fun on the lake with our rafts

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2006 at Thriftwood

In 2005 we went to Abington near Cambridge where made a trip out to Duxford to see the 'planes and tanks

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2006 at Thriftwood