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Parent Information and Forms

This page is designed for parents of scouts, cubs or beavers to find the information or permission forms they need. If you don't find what you are looking for, ask a cub, scout or beaver leader. If you need to contact the group during an activity, say because of a change in the details of collection of your scout, please try us on our group mobile:

28th Cambridge's mobile: 07816 040933

Many of our activities are exciting and adventurous. That often means that without proper supervision and training they could be dangerous. We seek explicit permission from parents or guardians for their cub, scout or beaver to take part in a lot of the activities that we take part in, particularly those away from our Scout Hut such as air rifle shooting, general activity permission or permission to camp. As insurance usually requires these forms to have been collected we cannot allow members of our group to take part if they have not provided suitably signed permission forms. Sadly, we have to be strict on this: no form = no activity.

Note that changes to the rules now allow us to hold a single form giving, for instance, blanket permission to camp. This means that parents can lodge a single copy of each form just once for their cub, scout or beaver's time with the group