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Our neckerchief is green and black

Parent Helpers

Thank you for helping with the 28th Cambridge (St Johns) Cub Pack.

A CRB check is not required for this occasional assistance. For more frequent assistance, allowing greater involvement, a CRB check for this Scout District is required.

The ‘Yellow Card’ issued to all leaders is available for your guidance containing do's and don'ts and advice on keeping (yourself and) the cubs safe, healthy and happy. A copy is available online.

· At each event a leader will explain the programme and your role.
· Please start the evening at the front of the hall to the right of the flag.

· In the presence of leaders to help cubs in the activities.
· To generally observe interactions and alert leaders to positive behaviour and to any problems.
· To participate in games (as appropriate) making up numbers, demonstrating sportsmanship and refereeing.
· To accompany leaders with individuals and small groups.

· Never be alone with cubs (except your own children). Leaders should never be alone with cubs.
· No physical contact (in games or elsewhere).
· Abide by the Yellow Card guidelines (click here for details).

· Observe the running of the pack and see what other skills and time you can offer.
· Ask – if in doubt.

· Have fun (we do – most of the time)

Thank you for your time. The presence of parents enables us to stand back and observe the individual within the whole.