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cambridge district badge

Our neckerchief is green and black

Photographer Badge

Photographer badge
The Photographer badge
features a camera

Requirements of the badge

The photographer badge requires evidence of photography knowledge and three tasks:

  1. You need to know about your equipment, and how to use it to best effect. I may ask to check you're aware of the dangers some photographers get into, trying to get that all important shot.
  2. Take at least five pictures to illustrate your area, although I'm happy to extend this to a strong themed set, like this set from Jasmine:

  3. Make a presentation or slideshow to others, ideally our cubs, and talk about it
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Produce the same picture in different ways (eg natural and black-and-white) to show the contrast and change of importance this can make
    • Make a short film of your own
    • Take a series of photos to make an animation

      Nate's animation

      Amelia's puppy with a ball

      Amelia's baking and scoffing scones
    • Edit a photo using software of your choice and say what you did and why