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Online Cubs

With the impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 came the restriction of cub meetings.

We wanted to replace the closed down cub pack meetings with an online, at home, version, and to help those cubs who might be getting bored and missing cubs to be able to take part in scouting, just from the comfort and infection safety of their own home. So we sent this email out:

Dear Cubs

I am sorry that we will not be meeting tonight.

We will, however, be holding a meeting every Tuesday at 18.10 to 19.30 each in our own homes. I will be asking each of you to put on your scarf and top, if it is not too hot, and breaking the flag. I know some of you will not have a Union flag to hand and so todays activity is to make a flag, flag pole and base. You should find a picture of the union flag and copy it out as best you can, making sure that it is the right way up.

You should add as many details as possible and, if you wish, place it with in a pack meeting in the hut or at camp. All your attendees should, of course have 28th Cambridge scarves. If you send a picture of your flag and scene to me you will be given credit for the artists badge and handymans badge as appropriate. A full opening ceremony in stop animation, inventive artistry or detailed pulley system will tick more boxes. Do not build it of anything that will degrade rapidly and do not build it too large to pack away for next week.

As you complete badges we will forward them to you at home. I know some of you have some catch up sewing to do already. In future weeks I will be sending out other activities, games and a fuller programme. I will also be asking the Sixers to help come up with plans for their six - so pick up good ideas and save them for the next few weeks.

I will sign off in the Scout way

Yours in Scouting

Cub Scout Leader 28th Cambridge

Here is what the cubs produced:

Flag raised for Grand Howl

As the initial email above only went out quite late, these impressive flags, flag raising equipment and indeed complete dioramas were completed in only a couple of hours!

We produced a newsletter that went out to the Cubs each week, detailing what we were doing that week:

Week 3 - Apr 21st

The second week cubs were tasked with making rope and tying knots, including the friendship knot:

Click for animation on tying

and with junk modelling: making things out of what you find in the bin or recycling box, like this lion:

Amelia had a go at two different stop frame animations as part of the photographer challenge:

On the third week we each made a version of LostSock, a wandering lost black sock from the Lost Property Box who travels around meeting cubs and looking for his matching sock

We also learnt the British Sign Language version of the Cub Scout Promise

British Sign Language Cub Scout Promise

We also joined in on the Hike to the Moon:


Click to
your miles