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Our neckerchief is green and black

Emergency Sewing Kit

A lightweight kit for hike camps.

Leather patch
Cotton patch
2x Needles
3x Pins
2x Safety Pins
3x Buttons
Black thread
White thread
Button thread

50 x 50mm is probably sufficient for backing a torn
out button or strengthening each end of a large rip.

(two of different sizes)

(can also double as emergency fishing hooks)
(two shirt and one trouser or as fits your clothes)

  • Place the cotton patch on leather patch.
  • Double up cotton patch if necessary
  • Thread buttons onto the safety pin.
  • Stick the needle, pins and safety pin parallel through (in and out of) the cotton patch.
  • Coil black and white threads independantly and place between the cotton and leather.
  • Ensure the ends do not stick out beyond the patches.
  • Roll the patches and secure with the button thread.

If weight is not an issue pack what you will.