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Cambridge District
Archery Competition

The shooting line awaits its competitors
[Master at Arms]
The Master at Arms badge

The White Arrow Award is
for 115 points or more

The Cambridge District Archery Competition is held each year for all Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Young Leaders and Leaders to join in:

    1. Scouters - each group's section (Cubs, Scouts etc) can enter as many archers as they like.
    2. Leaders - leaders and YLs will be encouraged to have a go on the day.
    3. Trophies - the winning cub and scout sections will be awarded a shield.
    4. Medals - gold, silver and bronze medals for cubs, scouts, explorers and leaders.
    5. Badges - this counts towards the Master at Arms badge, and anyone scoring over 115 and able to answer the skills questions correctly will be awarded a FITA White Arrow Award enamelled pin badge.
    6. Round - an ArcheryGB White Arrow round of 5 ends of 3 arrows each at 10m on an 80cm face.
    7. Equipment - recurve barebow bows and suitable arrows are provided but you can bring your own.

An online signup sheet is available
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The standard of Cambridge District Archers improved radically with attendance at the National Scout Archery Competition at Phasels Wood every May but there wasn't an opportunity for archers to compete locally so a District Archery Competition was started. Most of the archers are beginners, but archers of all standards are welcome.

Each archer gets five ends of three arrows to shoot at the 80cm target face 10m away. The score for your section is the highest three team member's scores added together. A cub and a scout trophy are up for grabs, and an explorer trophy is planned. Individual scores will be counted towards a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal in each of the four categories: Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders.

There is a badge for archery in Scouts, called Master At Arms. To gain this an archer needs to shoot regularly and take part in a competition, which this is. Being able to demonstrate at least four other recent archery sessions, and being able to answer some questions on safety and equipment for archery is also needed to complete this badge, so this competition is only part of the badge. Attendance at the Archery Camp in May each year does give enough to gain this badge though.

The World Archery Federation, previously known as FITA, the Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc, run some award schemes, and the 10m one is called the White Arrow. To qualify for the White Arrow pin badge, archers need to score at least 115 from their 15 arrows, which means scoring an average of 7 and a bit with each arrow. You need to try and keep all your arrows inside the red or gold rings on the target to achieve this. You will also need to answer some skills questions to gain this ArcheryGB pin badge.

An online signup sheet is available
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(please excuse the adverts on this free signup sheet)
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