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Kit list

The kit list for camp can be a cause for worry for some parents and scouts with it's seemingly endless list of expensive items that it can seem may never get used again. Just think of what you'd pack for a sleepover and add an extra change of clothes, a torch and stuff to eat with. Anything on the list that is just for fun or can be left out is clearly marked; everything else really is essential and should get good use over the years to come. The list below is just a typical one - if you get a list for a particular camp with extra items on make sure you include those too. Uniform must be worn when travelling to and from camp.

You can get most of the items from the Scout Shop. Alternatively, for ease of ordering, we have created an on-line Cambridge 28th Shop with some items we have sourced on-line. Our on-line shop is set up via an association with Amazon, for which the group gets a small finder's fee out of Amazon's profits. Any feedback on items bought (or just your experience of the process) using our shop would be appreciated . Lastly, scouts get a 15% discount at Cotswold Outdoor and 10% at Mountain Warehouse if they can prove at the till that they are scouts, cubs or beavers by showing their necker. It can be worth ticking the items off on a list - this helps not only in making sure you have everything before leaving on camp, but also whether it all came home again.

When it comes to packing it makes a huge difference if you, the scout or cub, pack the rucksack yourself, even if you convince a grown-up to help you. This means you know what you brought which both avoids the 'mum didn't pack my ....' complaints and helps when repacking at the end of camp meaning that more of what you took makes it back home. An inventory is even better, of course.

Kit list

Essential / Non-negotiable
Sleeping bag Roll-mat Rucksack / Stout bag Uniform Neckerchief
Washkit+Towel Cubs/Beavers: Cuddly Toy Cutlery, mug, bowl and plate Tea-towel Torch + spare batteries
Suitable clothes Suitable footwear Waterproofs Medicines if nec. Suncream if nec.
Entirely Optional
Groundsheet Rucksack liner Camp blanket Scouts: penknife Survival kit
Small First Aid kit Maps+Compass An Inventory
(helps everything come home)
Sweets/Cakes in a tin (essential for cubs)  
Leave at home
Electronic games Valuable items MP3 players Significant cash Schoolwork

Coming home

Boots, unrecognisably muddy, of course Socks, muddy of course Tea-towel (unused) Washkit (unused by the look of it, like the towel) Towel (unused, like the washkit) Neckerchief (essential to identify campsite bodies) Spare woggle (as woggles never seem to survive camp) Uniform - takes quite a beating on camp Warm trousers (muddy and scuffed through) Torch (now with flat batteries) Emergency rations - surprisingly uneaten Coat, waterproof (at least, it used to be) Groundsheet to help keep everything  away from the mud (unused) Rollmat - muddy and knocked about a bit but ready to go round again A warm hat (now dirtier on the inside that the out) Trainers (you can just make out the enormous silver Nike tick under the mud) Sleeping bag half in and half out of its stuff-sack Rucksack liner  - a heavy duty plastic bag - the reason why the sleeping bag survived camp and the journey home Rucksack - muddy but unbowed, with another rucksack liner Spare socks and pants (all unused) KFSP - Knife, fork, spoon, plate Waterproof trousers (unused) A huge pile of muddy, smelly and mildly infectious clothing (not all used, but stuffed together so it'll all need washing anyway) Mini first aid kit (optional and unused) Swimming costume needing a wash as it may have been worn for days Copious amounts of mud, leaves, grass, bits of tree etc Someone else's jumper


This is the sort of thing a loving parent is greeted with after their beloved has eaten, (reluctantly) washed and crashed into bed. Hover over the picture for a description of each item