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Scouts do so many varied things that the activities are grouped into areas, or Zones, to best get an overview of them and to help the leaders ensure an even and rounded balance.

Scoutcraft and Adventure

This Zone contains all of the activities connected with camping and the great outdoors. This Zone is full of opportunities to learn not just the traditional Scouting skills associated with hiking and camping, but also those needed for adventurous activities such as climbing, caving, canoeing and sailing


Adventurous activities allow young people to try out new sports and pursuits, such as sailing, canoeing, climbing or caving, which are challenging, rewarding and exhilarating. Scouting is the place where many young people are first introduced to these sorts of physical pursuits, some of which they remain involved with into adult life. We recently took a group of our scouts parascending; flying at a couple of hundred feet up under a parachute.


The great outdoors, through the hugely popular camps, are enjoyed by many scouts. Our closetted life of the 21st century often isolates us from the real world all around us. Learning how to make the most of the outdoor world is great fun and very rewarding, building a self-reliance level of confidence that carries one well through life.


Expeditions cover a range of activites from simply taking the dog for a walk through, say, a two day hike to a sustained period of travel through the wilderness of foreign lands making new friends, experiencing new cultures and facing new challenges.


This Zone helps Scouts to discover the similarities and differences in lifestyle, cultures and environments, both locally and from around the world. It helps scouts make a difference.


Scouts have always been involved in community projects, and as a troup we are in a position to make a difference in our community and feel the satisfaction and sense of belonging that this brings. Scouts are encouraged to use their local facilities, such as sports centres, swimming pools, schools and community centres. Community Zone projects often run over a period of time.

Creative Expression

This Zone provides opportunities for young people to display their creativity through art, music, drama, design, worship (through whatever faith they chose) and leadership. These might include learning to fly a trapeze at a Circus Skills workshop, making a printed circuit board in electronics, painting a landscape or even working on a car, boat, motorbike or plane as a mechanic.

Fit for Life

This Zone focuses on activities to improve fitness, promote personal health and increase awareness of personal safety. It provides young people with the opportunities to participate in a variety of games and to improve their skills in a range of physical pursuits.