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Scoutcraft camp is a good way to learn the skills needed for camp while having fun at the same time.

Activities include hiking (getting lost is optional), cooking (see five perfect eggs, left), putting up and striking tents, widegames, camp hygiene (or the difficulty of maintaining it) and keeping the camp provisioned with food and water

Scoutcraft camp is all about passing on useful skills, and having skills that require a modicum of safety to be checked, so that a scout may qualify in those activities. This might be the observance of a roped off safety area, how to use safely, how to care for, how to carry and transfer an axe.

Note in the following video how the axes are carried and the handle swung round as a handy reference for whether anything might be in range of the axe when in use. This video from the East Anglian Film Archive EAFA dates to the 1950's but axe work has been much the same for thousands of years before, and may well be for thousands more:

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Or it could be the lighting of fires, from the collection of varying thicknesses of twigs through the laying out of the fire and the clearing of a suitable patch to the lighting and enjoyment of your first fire.