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Survival kit

A survival kit in a tin ...

Kit contents

A tin to keep it all in. Ideally small enough to make the decision to carry it or leave it at home an easy one. A fire stick. Scrape the old blade down the silver stick and a shower of sparks fly off, ideal for lighting an emergency fire Larger pieces of tinder such as bark or dried orange peel Safety pins. Your clothing keeps you from hypothermia. You need to be able to repair it A miniature compass. Emergencies end when either civilisation finds you or you find civilisation Matches. Emergencies are no time to learn to rub two sticks together Emergency calories. Hypothermia will set in even in mild weather if you can't keep your calorific intake up outdoors A multitool for all those situations you never imagined The stub of a candle. Useful for lighting fires and for continued light in the dark A small waterproof box of small, very dry tinder for fire lighting A good knife can save your life. This one is small enough to fit in the tin and yet surprisingly sharp and useful A sewing kit. Patching up your clothing after an accident will limit your exposure to hypothermia and can save your life A fire brush. A stick with shavings still attached makes for great tinder


Suggestions for contents

  • Fire lighting equipment
    • Matches (non-safety matches are best)
    • Fire stick (produces shower of sparks when scraped)
    • Very dry tinder (cotton wool, silver birch bark)
    • A fire brush (a stick with shavings still attached makes for great tinder)
  • Tools
    • A good knife can save your life
    • A multi-tool such as a Leatherman
  • Get you home kit
    • A miniature compass
    • A magnetized needle hung on some thread
    • Change for a public telephone
    • A mirror or whistle for signalling long distances
  • Repair / shelter materials
    • Sewing kit (making your clothing warm and watertight again)
    • Safety pins (useful repair for clothing and backpacks alike)
    • Cut down first aid kit
    • A thermal blanket (very thin but large silverised blanket keeps wind off and heat in)
  • Emergency Calories
    • Kendal mint cake
    • Glucose tablets
    • Mars bar

A well stocked survival tin can be a reassuring thing to pack on a hike; it could save your life and the lives of those stuck with you and besides, it is great fun to put together