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Expeditions and Hikes

Scouts will get the chance to join an expedition or hike, particularly if they want the chance to attain the Expedition Challenge badge. Challenge Badges are harder to achieve that the activity badges and count twoards a scout's chance at attaining the coveted Gold Scout Award.

As part of the expedition or hike, scouts will need to plan and prepare for their challenge. There are some forms available to help with this process:

[Hikes Away 1-50]
location, distance and timings of the route
details of your kit you will be taking
what you are carrying for your group
what you might need from group stores
planning your food requirements
know the weather, know your limitations

Most, or all, of these forms will be needed for an expedition or hike. Note, however, that each expedition or hike is different, and details of what the purpose or challenge of your particular outing should be laid out in a briefing letter from one of the leaders or the expedition organiser.