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Logo for the NSRA at Bisley

'Rifle Camp'
The National Scout Rifle Championship
at Bisley

The NSRC badge from 2019

The shooting line for the Knockout competition

The National Scout Rifle Championship, otherwise known as Rifle Camp is held each year in October at the National Smallbore Rifle Association's Lord Robert's Centre facility at Bisley, Surrey. Any Scout, Explorer or Leader is welcome to join in, either to compete for a prize or just to enjoy a weekend of various different types of Air Guns:

    1. Rifles 6yd - shooting at five small targets on a single card at a distance of six yards.
    2. Pistol 6yd - shooting five pellets at a single target at 6yds using compressed air powered pistols.
    3. Knockout - head-to-head against another shooter to knock down up to five targets with the winner (getting the most or using the least pellets to shoot all five) going through to the next round
    4. Field Target - shooting spinners at varying distances outside.


The SCART team on our first year of attending

Six Yard Air Rifles shoot cards with five tiny targets each

Six Yard Air Pistols shoot five pellets at cards with a single target

Knockout shoot five knockdown targets each in a head-to-head

Field Target involves hitting metal spinners at various distances

Field Target can be a bit muddy and uncomfortable

There are plenty of Range Officers keeping everyone safe

Some groups and shooters brought their own kit

We camped on the field in strictly demarked square pitches, feeling for all the world like a military encampment.

The campsite was very tight but laid out with military precision