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cambridge district badge

Our neckerchief is green and black

Camp badge for Summer Camp 2007 at Eaton Vale

Boyd Campsite, Henlow
Summer Camp 2013

The Cubs went to Henlow, just the other side of Baldock, for their summer camp at Boyd Campsite at the end of July. It is a neat grassy campsite dotted with mature trees and equiped with a cimbing wall and rafting/kayaking pond.

As it was the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters Raid in 2013 the theme was Dambusters, with a couple of water adventures thrown in for good measure. We did our air activities badge by visiting the Shuttleworth Collection and Birds of Prey Centre, our water activities badge by kayaking and rafting and our campers badge by preparing, cooking and serving food, and of course living, under canvas.

Our campsite under glorious summer skies

Our campsite was large enough that a good bit of exploring was to be had. The stream (and wet grass) was alive with tiny froglets, no bigger than your fingernail

Picking our way through the stingers
Seconds later someone's shoe and sock got very muddy

We went on a 4 mile hike (which felt longer) where someone stood on a Blackthon spike which went right through their shoe and into their heel but they marched on like a hero the remaining two miles.

Even the young leaders got a go at archery

All kitted out ready for kayaking

but then the young leaders probably earned it

Sitting in the shade listening to Akela

We went kayaking and rafting, climbing and archery. Campers badge cooking garlic bread and pizzarinos. Camp fire in the rain but we still learnt a new song - 'chicken has a wing .. chicken has two wings ..'. We tried to see how many cubs could fit inside a standard hula-hoop - the answer seemed to be 'all of them, but not for very long'.





Not quite


.. in a heap ..


We played a rather silly and extremely soggy Dambusters game. One cub would be the pilot and the bomber, blindfolded, gets on their back as a piggyback. The bomber has a water bomb in each hand and has to drop them into a washing up bowl target to score a hit as they fly past. Two other cubs are the engines, linking one arm with the pilot and swinging the other one as the propellor. Any further cubs form the fuselage bent double holding onto the pilot's waist. Each Lancaster had to run the gauntlett of the dreaded (and worryingly accurate) water-bomb equipped flak guns. Once all the cubs had had a go it was the turn of the Young Leaders ...

Good takeoff

Flak guns preparing

Approaching target


Bombs Away!

We're hit!

Bail out boys!

Its ..

.. every ..

.. man ..

.. for ..

.. himself

The young leaders realised that the best form of defense is attack, but unfortunately it quickly became clear that their target was me!

Time ..

.. for a ..

.. counter ..

.. attack


Speedy exit!